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Endereço comercial: 8337 W. Sunset Road, Suite 150
Las Vegas, Nevada, Estados Unidos, 89113

Telefone: 702-521-8919

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Especializados em:: Comercial Residencial/Multi-famílias, Comercial

Descrição: Corretor, Corretor de bens

Nome da empresa: BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HOME SERVICES Nevada Properties

Marca / Franchise: The Mendez Team

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Idiomas falados: Inglês, Espanhol, Português do Brasil, Italiano

Hi this is Eberth Mendez welcome to my internet profile in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. This great City is my home and has given me, so much. I am a graduate from the U.A.G.R.M. in Bolivia with a threefold degree in Juridical Science (Law), Political Science and Social Studies. I have also, attended C.C.S.N. & U.N.L.V. to enhance my legal education and career development counseling techniques, worked in both the Legal field as well as in the Corporate Management World, where I was always able to use my educational background. I am here to offer superb service that is accompanied by exceptional value for all my clients while creating trust, loyalty and a client for life. You deserve the best possible service you can get. I am skilled and experienced negotiator, and speak more than one language, which can be very helpful in this town. Call me to be in my VIP list I will be glad to assist you in anyway I can. Sincerely, Eberth Mendez

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Eberth Mendez

Endereço comercial: 8337 W. Sunset Road, Suite 150
Las Vegas, Nevada, Estados Unidos, 89113

Telefone: 702-521-8919

Especializados em:: Comercial Residencial/Multi-famílias, Comercial


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